Account Merge - What about GPTs?

I just received an email about merging accounts, but it’s a bit tricky. The notification states,

Your Plugins and custom instructions in your personal workspace will be deleted.

*First of all, I would expect a red-colored notification if I am going to lose some data.

*Secondly, it doesn’t mention what will happen to GPTs. Does anyone know if it merges GPTs or just deletes them?

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You do not loss any data, but know this once you merge both profiles there is absolutely no way to revert it.

Secondly, when you merge all your previous chats history along with your GPTs move into the new workspace profile, and their sharing/access permission is set to be accessed by the members of your workspace.

So in-case you happen to share anything with public, or certain people who had link to your GPT, you need to update the sharing preference for each GPT again.

You don’t lose any data, only the ability to revert. Also, having two profiles comes with additional cost as the personal profile will still carry the “Plus” subscription, so there is no point in keeping both, but it’s your decision at the end of the day.

It popup says Plugins and custom instructions will be deleted. Are you sure they will not be deleted?

You need to add/install those plugins again in your workspace profile. They do not get carried or transferred.

And custom instructions too, if you’re using any.

Just copy it all and paste it into your workspace profile after merging both profiles.

Once you’re done merging both profiles, here is the method to follow for changing the access permission of the GPTs, as currently the feature in the Editor section is broken.