Looking for people who want to work on something big

I have a startup with big ambitions, we are in an early stage with room to make big waves if done correctly. I am looking for people who want to join and have their say. If you have ambition and a figure-it-out mentality id love to chat and share more with you.


Hey @stingrae

Sounds interesting, let’s see if this might be a good fit. I still have times for introductions available today. You can schedule one here.


I would love to explore this! Although, I don’t know coding, but I am tech savvy and a quick learner. So lets talk.

Hello how can i contact you? i wanna join the project. :slight_smile:

I’d love to discuss helping you! I’m also looking for collaborators. I’m not a coder yet, but I have been teaching myself a variety of skills through AI assistance. I intuited ChatGPT plugins, and basically covered the entire GPT-4 paper that came out recenty. I can show you the docs and chat conversations where I laid this out about two weeks ago.

I have some other novel ideas going forward, and would love to find a good fit to accomplish them.


Hi @socialmarijuana. Yes definitely happy to talk. The simplest way for us to connect is for you to find a time and we can have a chat. - Calendly - Ryan Ellis

Same for you @karingijs and @GlassAcres, you can find a time that best suits you. Thanks. - Calendly - Ryan Ellis

Hello, I am a student who lacks relevant technical skills and knowledge. However, I am currently facing employment issues, and I am looking for an interesting project to explore that can generate revenue and provide a learning opportunity for my work internship assignment.

I am really interesting in it but, how can I contact with u ?

Did you have discord. We can chat further there?

Hi, Sounds interesting.
“work on something big”

Here is my Discord account, Sortoite#2577.

I am interested to learn more so I can make a confident decision. Depending on what it is, I may drop some of my own stuff. I have serious sales and business experience. I was raised by my Grandfather who groomed me in business and sales. My father now runs the Plastic Injection Molding and Metal Machine shop. It started with 3 men with a plan to go their seperate ways, so my Grandfather bought them out to start their own companies. I have integrity and a Military Backround. I Furthermore am very interested in staying focused on OpenAI projects. I will be replying to a few other posts to see what opportunity is out there but I for sure am interested in this. Have a blessed day. Thanks

If it’s remote work, I’d like to hear more.

I have 25 years of programming experience in nearly every language (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Assembly SQL , etc. (also expert and author in database design), professionally for many of the top companies in the US … have written 7 books on programming and 70 technical articles. D.M.A., dissertation was on Digital Sound Synthesis and I have lead many teams in cutting edge technology. I just retired and am available full-time. I have create several AI apps and have a blockbuster in the works.

Hi @stingrae, I am also starting up in the similar space. Would love to catchup and understand what you are building and if our paths could be aligned. Feel free to schedule a discussion at any convenient time here. Looking forward

Working on something big sounds great. I also have a lot of ambitions and a couple of large projects maybe we can work on your project and put something together for the entrepreneurial challenge as well. Call ir text my cell.

Very Respectfully,

William Dillard
1 512 656 5205



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