Partners for new open ai api projects

Hi Everyone, I’m a Ux/Ui and graphic designer looking for dev people to partner on several ideas that I have. Please respond if you are interested. Thanks

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I’m interested in discussing further. I’m an experienced developer.

Great. Phone convo?

Sent magically through the air.

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In a nutshell, let me know about each of your ideas and I will see if any interests me.
If so, I must say that I am a retired executive with multi field experience looking to help young entrepreneurs
I have ideas of my own based on experience aand perhaps they can mesh with yours.

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Well, in the interim 6 months since this initial post, I built this:

What is interesting is not the current content, but the underlying structure: A Drupal CMS configured with an OpenAI chat completion module. This architecture can be used for any content dataset.

Also, there’s this new AI Developer chat forum created just so we can discuss these projects a little more in depth: