Looking for an AI Art expert

I’m looking for a consultant/teammate to help shape an art generation tool for a market that I have been working in for 30 years. I look forward to hearing from you and would love to connect!

Hi @gjeff3626

I don’t know many AI artists but I found Nando Costa’s work very interesting. You should take a look at his LinkedIn posts where he shared his work testing DALL-E and SD

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Sukham, thank you for your comments, I will check it out! But, I’m also looking for someone to help me understand the training and potential capabilities I can do with AI Art.

I recommend to use OpenAI Image Generation feature for this project.
Here is my email.
Thank you

There are a few good PDF on the net which are very detailed about engineering Dall-E prompts.

Have you searched for these PDFs and found them yet @gjeff3626 ?


Do you have time for a call? Would love to chat with you about your skills and experience.


Jeff Gray
Creative Apparel Concepts, Inc

Yes, I can have a call with you.
I am really sorry for my late reponse.