DALL·E Mastery: Seeking Vibrant Community and Top-Tier Talent

Hello DALL·E enthusiasts,

For the past six months, I have been intensively exploring the capabilities of the DALL·E API, dedicating substantial financial resources to push the limits of what can be achieved with this technology. Through meticulous prompt engineering and fine-tuning, I have witnessed a dramatic improvement in the quality of the generated images. The results have been truly awe-inspiring, surpassing even the benchmarks set by industry leaders like Pixar. The level of detail, creativity, character consistency, and realism in these AI-generated images is unparalleled, showcasing the immense potential of DALL·E when its capabilities are fully harnessed.

However, as I browse through various online communities, such as the OpenAI forums, Twitter, and Discord, I’ve noticed a lack of discussions or showcases that reflect the high-caliber potential I’m experiencing with the DALL·E. This leaves me wondering: Are users moving away from DALL·E? Is it too complicated and expensive to use? Or are we just seeing the tip of the iceberg, with those achieving exceptional results simply not sharing their work?

I believe that DALL·E’s capabilities are vastly underutilized, likely due to the costs associated with extensive API experimentation that not everyone can afford. There seems to be a gap in active user engagement and utilization, and I’m keen to connect with others who are passionate about exploring this technology’s full potential.

If anyone knows of a vibrant DALL·E community where seasoned users share advanced techniques and showcase their creations, please let me know—I’m eager to join and contribute to the discussion.

Furthermore, if you are a skilled prompt engineer capable of crafting image prompts that deliver exceptional, better-than-Pixar-quality results, I’m looking to hire you. We offer highly competitive compensation for the right talent. Please send me a direct message with a link to your portfolio, and let’s discuss how we can collaborate.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and insights and connecting with fellow DALL·E enthusiasts!

Best regards


You can check our dedicated topic for DALL-E creations:

DALLE3 Gallery for 2023/2024: Share Your Creations

As a Salesforce Developer, I wanted to create some images with some words in it for some Proof Of Concept. Though I agree with you that Dall.E is powerful but it makes so many spelling mistakes. No matter what Prompt I give, it never learns.

I had so many ideas that I could’ve implemented using DALL.E but this spelling mistake things keeps me away from exploring anything in DALL.E.

It’s a known shortcoming though that was also addressed in the latest DALL-E-3 technical paper.

5.2 Text rendering
When building our captioner, we paid special attention to ensuring that it was able to include prominent words found in images in the captions it generated. As a result, DALL-E 3 can generate text when prompted. During testing, we have noticed that this capability is unreliable as words are have missing or extra characters. We suspect this may have to do with the T5 text encoder we used: when the model encounters text in a prompt, it actually sees tokens that represent whole words and must map those to letters in an image. In future work, we would like to explore conditioning on character-level language models to help improve this behavior.

Hopefully it will be addressed in future iterations.

Source: https://cdn.openai.com/papers/dall-e-3.pdf

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I remember the OpenAI discord having a vibrant community of folks utilising DALL-E creatively.


I produce fine art images that people buy for private collections in tech and other industries, but I have a lot of creative license. I’m more interested in fine art with AI, not work for hire, unless it’s something we can come to reasonable accommodations of given my workflow and proprietary techniques. I use OpenAI for specific reasons and do not use other platforms.