LogIn bug and no assistance

I tried to change my OpenAI password and now I am not able to login anymore.

I work for Latam Airlines and I am doing research with GPT-3. I was trying to setup a payment method but I needed to change my password first and I think I got on a bad bug because I am not able to login or recover my password anymore.

I get:
Invalid authorization code
Please contact us through our help center
if this issue persists.”

The provided methods for password recovering don’t work. I have been trying to reach contact center or a chat to talk to someone but I haven’t found any.

If you have a question specific to your API account, please visit https://help.openai.com

Good luck.

But I can’t talk to anyone there, its only a FAQ website, chat is not available

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is it still not working? you found a fix?

How about write this link in the address bar “https://platform.openai.com/loggedout” let me know if it work.