Let's Discuss: A New Section for Promotional Content on Our Forum?

Hi Everyone,In light of recent discussions about post moderation and the balance between sharing and self-promotion, I’ve been thinking of a potential solution.

What if we had a separate section, not just a thread, for promotional content?This space would be dedicated to sharing projects, tools, and integrations, like the GPTs.

Here’s what we could gain:Easier Navigation: No more sifting through long threads. Find and explore projects with ease.Better Organization: Each project gets its own space, simplifying management and moderation.

Enhanced Visibility: Ensure that important tools and updates are easily accessible and not lost in a thread.I believe this could be a win-win, maintaining the forum’s quality while providing a platform for valuable contributions.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think this could improve our forum? Any feedback or ideas are welcome. Let’s brainstorm together!

Looking forward to your insights.