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Hey hey community team (and hopefully OAI staff)!

We all seem to be playing around with and enjoying GPT builder quite frequently.
My intentions for truly joining this community of devs, not just the forum, has been to help people to better interact with these systems. I hope I’ve been living up to my expectations so far, and you all have been seeing value in my contributions!

That being said, I’m noticing a huge influx of GPT builder queries on here. This is a good thing! It means people are using this tool well, and people are already trying to learn how to use it proficiently.

The problem is that these queries are scattered pretty much across all the current categories, likely because people don’t know where to put them. It also makes us “helpers” difficult to sort and identify these particular queries, because they’re kind of everywhere.

Because this is a brand new tool, there’s also no real in-depth guided documentation for GPT builder yet. I would expect this, considering it’s been what, a week? I have no doubt OAI staff is writing stuff up as we speak.

However, this means that we, the community, are going to be the ones people turn to for questions for a little while. Right now, the first thing I see if I wanted to ask a question (which I technically did already) was go “okayyyy, soo, is this a ChatGPT question? If I’m developing using OpenAPI schema, do I use the API category? Is GPT builder considered “prompting”? Do we think of it like a plugin and ask questions there?” If it’s confusing to me, it’s confusing to newbies, and from the looks of it, expect a lot of newcomers to be coming here to ask GPT builder-related questions.

Either change/adjust the “Plugin” category to merge the two concepts together (like what the current docs are leaning towards), or create a separate category entirely to accommodate this influx.

This needs to happen, like, now lol. If you change this now, it will buy OAI time to make more docs, and the category can be the hub for current users to seek help while we all basically learn from each other on the fly.



Hopefully this will be addressed shortly, there needs to be a category where GPTs creators can interact, ask questions and discus new ideas. There also needs to be a clear noise free environment for developers to do the same. Often the goals and skills of each cross over, but there are times when those needs differ and that needs to be respected and made clear.

The forum is an invaluable tool for all concerned and we must maximise the signal while reducing the noise for the many kinds of users here. Thanks for all your efforts, @Macha


Just to add we’ve been discussing this issue in the Lounge (for TL3 members and above)… it’s important to us, and we’re looking toward improving this as much as possible moving forward.

We’ve got a lot of great people here, and with a little fine-tuning, I’m sure we’re going to grow even more. Much appreciation to all the members who keep this place running somewhat smoothly (considering the number of members now!)


Maybe implementing those sub-categories that the ChatGPT category has on all categories might help?
Another dev forum I use every so often for technical questions (the OpenHAB forum) actually disallows people to post without a subcategory, and pools everything that wouldn’t fit into an “other”. That hierarchy structure might help reduce that kind of noise, and allows for a more “lounge-y” discussion category of a relevant topic.

But otherwise, all that sounds wonderful! Glad to hear it’s being discussed, and hey, who knows, maybe I’ll see y’all soon enough in that TL3 lounge!

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:bulb: I see that -by now- we can use the tag gpts

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Yes, I’m using

and some gpts

not sure what will stick yet! :wink:

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