Suggestion regarding the organization of Topics on GPTs

I see that the topic to share the GPTs was a great success, I even made some simple contributions there.

It would be interesting to separate GPTs with prompt engineering from GPTs with function calls.

The discussion between them is different and requires different levels of expertise. The idea is obviously not to reduce any of them, but rather to have the correct space within a developer forum.

I believe that now is the time to take a step forward in their organization, aiming to preserve the most important thing in a forum with this scope: Interaction and relevant discussions.

Of course, occasional misunderstandings may occur, but I believe that members themselves will quickly understand better where to place each tool.

hugs to everyone.

(External directories can be interesting, but they are counterproductive and can quickly fall into disuse as the gpt store arrives, not being an interesting option for the forum structure)

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