Lets build something

I am a student learning Ai and came across this and honestly i am amazed. Uni juat got a whole lot easier lol.

I have learnt Python so far ، have good knowledge in business (have a few small projects myself which generate decent revenue)

I have always wanted to be a part of something and yeah just putting this out there. If theres anyone who is down then lets build something!

Lmk lads!

I’d love to work with someone on a few projects.
Lets talk!

I would be down to discuss some ideas I have and I love the idea of collaborating. I’m just not equipped with the coding tools but understand the processes for the most part.

I’d be down to collaborate with you and @Wz. I have a pretty solid idea that I need help executing.

I’d like to work with you @Wz . I have a good understanding of AI