Lets build something

I am a student learning Ai and came across this and honestly i am amazed. Uni juat got a whole lot easier lol.

I have learnt Python so far ، have good knowledge in business (have a few small projects myself which generate decent revenue)

I have always wanted to be a part of something and yeah just putting this out there. If theres anyone who is down then lets build something!

Lmk lads!

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I’d love to work with someone on a few projects.
Lets talk!

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I would be down to discuss some ideas I have and I love the idea of collaborating. I’m just not equipped with the coding tools but understand the processes for the most part.

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I’d be down to collaborate with you and @Wz. I have a pretty solid idea that I need help executing.

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I’d like to work with you @Wz . I have a good understanding of AI

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@Wz I am new to this field and am interested to be part of your team.
I believe its important have a multi-cutural team so we share ideas from different fields and backgrounds.
I wish to represent the Pacific Islands in your team.

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Interested, I have some experience developing full stack applications.

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I would love to be part of the discussion, i am passionate about the topic , ai’s and all i got not training but i’ve been told to have amazing prompt writing skills and natural language usage knowledge, im am Canadian 37 years old women and think i can provide great input

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I could really use some help … :thinking:

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I’m game​:star_struck: let’s collaborate and share ideas :bulb:

I’m a musician so I was thinking about chord progressions

Can we create an ai that can be able to translate different languages in writing and spoken words?

yes, as OpenAI has rich knowledge of several languages.

hello, I have AI great idea. how can I find you ?

Let me guess:

A helpful mental health counseling AI that:

  • Lets people express their feelings in a judgement-free environment?
  • Lets them articulate and record their thoughts?
  • Reduces self-harm throught positive reinforcement techniques?
  • Gives them companionship and self-assurance?
  • Helps them be more assertive and more understanding of social situations?
  • Tells them their ideas are unique, valuable, and to be treasured?

Actually no. Its simply taking Cognitive therapy techniques that will help people to understand their mindset and change it. and this will lead to healthy Mind state.

I think you will see that OpenAI is discouraging such uses by their own model fine tuning, even when it is wrapped in holistic buzzwords. People are simply producing predictive text by their AI inputs, after all.

Life coach and motivator: AI is agreeable
Counselor and advisor: AI is disclaimers
Therapist and mental health expert: AI is denials

Up to uses prohibited in the terms of service.

Telling someone that they have or do not have a certain health condition, or providing instructions on how to cure or treat a health condition

  • OpenAI’s models are not fine-tuned to provide medical information. You should never use our models to provide diagnostic or treatment services for serious medical conditions.

But by subtle transformation of your words, we can just prompt chatgpt to perform this role:
Please act as an assistant that will use cognitive therapy techniques that will help people to understand their mindset and change it. and this will lead to healthy Mind state.

Thank you for your reply.I believe that everything I know easily can be transferred to AI.This idea sparks my light.I think CBT can easily be created.

I would love to Caleb. And make make a crazy Ai that people only have dreamt about when we pull it off we can run diesases and illnesses and other stuff in coding then fix it then translate it to human English laungue instead of coding

We could change the world. Cure sickness and even improve society to a whole new level