Had a great AI idea that will help all Humanity

Hello I’m psychologist and today I had an idea of making AI psychologist. Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT is very structured knowledge and guidance is very simple.It can improve while being used as well.This idea gave me spark and I started to do research with who I can share this.AI psychologist can help so many people to improve their Mental health.
Any suggestions, comments advices can be helpful to me.

My first comment would be that I doubt OpenAI would allow someone to do this just via the API. I think it would require a direct partnership with them to even begin to pursue it.

I say this not because I think it’s a bad idea—in fact I think it’s a great idea—but because the risk/reward ratio simply doesn’t make sense at this point.

The models are still to prone to hallucination and confabulation and don’t have anywhere near the capacity to stay properly aligned for something as critical as working someone through their mental health conditions.

Someday, absolutely, yes!

But, we’re still in the infancy stage of large language models. Change is happening very fast, so in a year my concerns might seem quaint, but I genuinely feel we are at least two generations and one major new idea away from an AI capable of safely taking on this role.

It’s certainly worth exploring though. If there’s a good metric by which you can quantitative score a therapist and can show a GPT-based therapist performs on-par with human therapists, then you can democratize access to mental-health services and that would be a monumental net good for humanity.

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Thank you so much for your comment.I believe in AI without hallucinations.And actually Human can have it too.
I believe AI can work with Human more faster.Although there is somethings like human human connection or Compassion that will be ‘‘out’’ of AI. On the other hand a lot of people want to work with their thinking and are ‘‘she’’ or don’t want to SEE anyone and this is perfect with them.Anyways I believe AI psychologist can help millions of people and make more healthy Humanity and more in JOY.

Completely. It can be not only beneficial and lead us to new thoughts, it can not only act as an adhesive to people who have scattered thoughts (such as myself), but it’s also incredibly therapeutic to simply have something to speak to, and work with their thinking.

I believe GPT naturally is therapeutic, but trying to model it as a psychologist may put some people off and do the opposite of what you’re intending.

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