Key stopped working with no notice!

we are making a site live and the api call says limit exceeded. what do i have to do to get back online right now?

There are various limits one can exceed. The forum is frequented by just users like you that can’t investigate your account details.

Supposing the error includes “check you plan”:

The first place to go is to see if you are adequately funded: billing overview

thanks, i tried that. i added 40 but no effect.

The payments may on a normal day take a bit of time to become effective, even though your credit balance is immediately updated on the billing screen with the amount. The credit card charge must be processed by Stripe (the payment system company OpenAI uses), sometimes having delays before it shows up on your card statement and thus becomes spendable.

Others have just reported some unusual billing issues.

will i need to sign up again and start over to get this working today?
we are bringing up customers live today and need it back.

You can try some workarounds to make your latest payment active.