Issues with ChatGPT Premium Membership after Upgrading to ChatGPT Workspace

Hi everyone! I’ve been a long-time ChatGPT premium subscriber, originally linked to my Gmail account. Recently, I upgraded to ChatGPT Workspace, and although my product was credited on ChatGPT, there seems to be a discrepancy when I log into the OpenAI API. It’s as if my membership level has completely disappeared. ChatGPT still functions normally for me, but I no longer have access to the API keys for the GPT-4 products.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I’m unsure if there’s a step I missed during the upgrade process or if there’s a problem with the account synchronization between ChatGPT and the OpenAI API. Any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. I was looking forward to using the GPT-4 API products with my upgraded account. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Where are you trying to do this?

I don’t see that available…

From where did you purchase? Or maybe you’re referring to Teams?

Either way, we can’t help with account problems here.

You’ll need to reach out to

Good luck.

Purschaed through ChatGPT interface.

Almost four days since i opened the ticket. And we have heard nothing from OpenAI helpdesk…

That’s weird.

ChatGPT membership and the API are supposed to be separate entities.

You can’t add credit or do anything? Does it just throw an unhanded error?

Im aware of the price per x amount of token on API usage. But the problem is that i cannot even find our Workspace info under the settings… For example, from what ive read, it should be possible to assign token limitations for ChatGPT 4.0 members as admin, but i cant acess any of these menus in the API portal, since it does not even reconized my other payment plan etc…

Or can you help me? I cant seem to find the tokens limits for the Workspace account… Is it a daily, weekly, or monthly limit? Per user? Per company? And is it possible to finetune how much tokens should be avaible for each user etc?

Great thx!


There are no tokens because ChatGPT/Workspace/Teams is a completely separate entity to the API.

If you are talking about limits honestly I can’t find any easily-found information but last I remember each team members gets 100 messages per 3 hours.

No. You need to handle this yourself.

Im aware of the difference between the API and the ChatGPT.
What im talking about is the token limit in each ChatGPT 4.0 session…
For example, i belive the token limit in ChatGPT 4.0 is 8000 Tokens.

If the conversation exceeds the Token limit it does not stop the session, it just throttle’s its level of performance since the GPT cannot use the full context of the chat session for further generated answers.

This is all becoming very confusing. You are mentioning the API and tokens. It’s not your fault. OpenAI products are very hard to differentiate.

I don’t think OpenAI has disclosed the context window but this seems about right.

You cannot control this at all. Nor can you control any parameters of your team members.

The only tracked metric is messages, each member gets 100 / 3 hours.

Where did you read this?