Discrepancy between subscription and account status

I am trying to use the API for the first time, but am not able to do so as I have been granted no tokens. The site seems to think I am a free user, despite having been a subscriber to ChatGPT4 Plus since April 2023. Every indication from the API site is that I pay no subscription. Consequently, the API will not accept any calls. Does anyone else have this problem and are there any solutions? I have not yet been able to get a response from help.

ChatGPT and your Plus subscription are completely separate from the API.

If you want to use the API you must pay for all the tokens you use sperate from your ChatGPT Plus subscription, they are different, unrelated products.

Thanks! That’s not what ChatGPT4Plus tells me - it tells me my subscription should be good for tokens. Perhaps an hallucination. Do you know where I can pick up the terms and conditions on this?

Much obliged! Thanks for the prompt answer.

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