Upgraded to Team Subscription, can't create new API keys

Nearly half my company was buying GPT pro subscriptions on their own credit cards while waiting for us to get an enterprise account. I also had the API up and running (I could make as many keys as I wanted and share them with our team members). And everything was working fine, but it was annoying for billing.

So we decided to get a ChatGPT Team Subscription. I just assumed our API keys would still work, but they don’t. And not only that I can’t even find the API section in the menu to create new ones.

Does ChatGPT Team Subscription simply not allow for the generation of new API keys? surely that can’t be the case. Can anyone shed light on this?

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with api keys do you mean platform.openai.com api keys or something else?

if you’re talking about the platform, it’s got nothing to do with chatgpt (chat.openai.com), and your organization is managed through here: https://platform.openai.com/account/team

look at the subdomain (chat vs platform). for most intents and purposes, the two have nothing to do with each other.

Yes, to be clear, I created a bunch of API keys on platform.openai.com which I assumed was my “personal account”. I didn’t have any other team members there. It was just me.

and then they asked me to “upgrade” to “ChatGPT Team Subscription”. Which, I did. Now my old API Keys don’t work anymore, and I can’t figure out how to make new API keys with my “Team Subscription”.

surely their must be a solution for this no?

You may have run out of prepaid credits. Or you may have recently been switched to pre-paid billing instead of getting a monthly bill.

Check your credit balance at “account overview”. If it says $0.00 and says nothing about being billed monthly, there’s your problem.

It is also possible you have two different organizations in your platform account - one called “personal” being added to API accounts for some odd reason. Ensure you are looking at the correct one, the one that issued the API keys. You select from the pop-up menu after picking your name at lower-left.

API has its own member system, which allows invited people to assign the billing of their API keys to your account, with no restrictions.

Try logging into platform.openai.com with the same email address and password (if it is the same now, that is the account) as the account you used before switching to the Team Plan.

As mentioned above, you may have created two accounts, a “personal” account and an organization account.

You should see a small round icon with the words “Organization Name” or “personal” next to it in the lower left corner of the screen after logging into the platform.

Click on it and see what happens.

If you click on “personal”, you may see an already authenticated phone number and API key.

Or, you may be asked to verify your phone number again.

In this case, the API key will not be available until the phone number authentication is completed again.

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Yes, I can see all the API keys that I generated previously in this location, but none of them work anymore. And my “account balance” for platform.openai.com is $0.00.

which makes no sense because we’ve paid them many thousands of dollars for 9 licenses using “ChatGPT Team”.

I’m starting to think that maybe this is not my “personal” account, but just some kind of interface for all of my accounts, including my “work: Team” account…?? maybe I just buy some credits and it starts to work?

seems kinda silly to do it that way, they should just make it easy for me to buy credits for my Team account. oh well, i’ll try it and report back.