Issue with Uploading Files in ChatGPT Plus

Hello OpenAI Community,

I’ve been experiencing an issue with the ChatGPT Plus service that I hope to get some assistance with. Recently, I’ve been unable to upload files to the chat interface. This feature is crucial for enhancing my interactions and obtaining more precise assistance from the model.

Here are the steps I’ve taken and the issue encountered:

  1. I attempted to upload various types of files (e.g., text documents, images), but the upload process does not complete.
  2. No error message is displayed, leaving me uncertain about the nature of the problem.
  3. I’ve tried this on multiple devices and internet connections to rule out local issues.

I’m reaching out to see if anyone else has encountered this problem or if there are known solutions or workarounds. Additionally, if there’s a more appropriate channel for reporting this bug directly to OpenAI’s technical support, I’d appreciate directions on how to do so.

Your insights or advice on resolving this issue would be immensely valuable. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

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there is already a topic about this, everyone is facing this issue.

I am as well–this was the first post that finally showed up on my search this morning (sorry JC1992)

I am also having this issue which is very frustrating this is the key way I use chat GPT

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