Issue with File Retrieval and Uploading on OpenAI Platform (Assistant API)

I am reaching out to report an issue I’ve encountered while working with the API on the OpenAI platform, specifically at

Issue Summary:
I have been experiencing problems with uploading TXT files to the platform and retrieving files that I have previously uploaded. Despite the files being small in size and, to my knowledge, within the allowed file types and size limits, the upload process fails every time. Additionally, I seem to be unable to view or access any files I have uploaded in the past.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to the file upload section of the OpenAI platform.
  2. Attempt to upload a small TXT file.
  3. Encounter an error message (unfortunately, I did not record the exact error message).
  4. Attempt to view previously uploaded files with no success.

Troubleshooting Attempts:

  • I have checked my internet connection and confirmed it is stable.
  • I have attempted to upload files at different times to rule out temporary server issues.
  • I have cleared my browser cache and cookies to ensure it’s not a client-side issue.

Could you please investigate this issue? I am unsure if there have been recent changes to the API or its policies regarding supported file types or file handling processes that I might not be aware of. Any guidance or resolution you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance with this matter. I look forward to your prompt response.


an issue is experiencing on their side. may be a cloud error.idk

Same here. Yesterday it was not possible to upload any type of “assistant” file via api and openai dashboard and today my assistants aren’t able to access the uploaded files (the file uploads correctly and shows up in the assistant details and in the thread (at the bottom of the user message), but the assistant is unable to use retrieval tool to read it.
it is a single (very small) json file…

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I have the same issue, I am able to upload files via both the playground and API, but the assistant returns an error that they are not able to read the file, when using both the API and playground.

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Yes same here,

steps to reproduce:

  • upload a file to the playground Assistant with a new assistant with GPT4-turbo

  • activate retrival tool

  • run a message with a file linked to it (no files linked to the assistant)

Having the same issue. It was working yesterday.

It’s 21 days later and the same error is happening for me. Assistants API is telling me it’s uploaded, then the vector store shows a little red dot, 0KB, and the “uploaded” flag says “failed”.

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I am also facing the same issue for almost a month now. I am unable to upload txt files into the Vector store. This file was working fine in the previous version. Could you all resolve this issue somehow?

I’m having the same issue. Some short test .txt files seem to work, but ‘real’ ones seem not to… Has anyone found a solution to this?