Account needs to be retrieved!

hi,here,I have just subject plus service, now there is a problem,could you help me?

You do not have an account because it has been deleted or deactivated. If you believe this was an error, please contact us through our help center at

This forum is not, and doesn’t have account specialists that can resolve any account problem.

As a fellow user, I’d advise you to watch your registered email and see if you also got a notice explaining why. In the login screen, try to reset your password using your email, which for some types of bans has reset accounts.

OpenAI seems to delete accounts for auto-detected violations of their terms or abuse: using VPNs that jump between countries or access via many IP addresses, generating content that violates policies, discovering payment issues or links to prohibited countries, etc.

They don’t reveal the exact scenarios that trigger, probably as it would ease circumvention.

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