API Account Profile vs Chat GPT Paid Team License

I have two profiles, a personal and Team License that I pay $60/month for and both are under the same email address account. I am attempting to utilize the API Platform, but when I go to this platform it shows me as only a Free Personal account as my organization. It is as though my Team License and paid account is non-existent related to my email address on the API Platform. When I create a project API key and try to use it, I get the 429 Error code, which is exceeding current quota. For some reason, the API platform is forcing me to add a paid account to my personal profile, rather than being able to build on my business profile that is already a paid account. This is pretty basic stuff. The navigation between Chat GPT and the OpenAI Platform and within the OpenAI Platform is horrendous. There is no map or way to move from profile to settings easily. It’s like I pop-up somewhere on the Platform and just need to click around to suddenly appear in the settings…which again, have no record of my Team License billing or its existence. I want to work with the API platform in the context of my paid Team workspace and the billing should be easy to align.