Is there a phone number for customer service?

Calling customer service to hopefully get some assistance is my last attempt to publish my GPT to the GPT store before I just cancel my subscription. I have tried everything but its just not working. I’m super disappointed.

Hello, there is currently no phone number for customer service. The only way to contact them is by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner at

Please detail exactly what you’ve tried and how exactly it is failing.

The only options that I currently have are to publish my GPT for myself only or with a link. My GPT does not contain any actions so I should not need a privacy policy. When I go to the builders profile there is no option to update my name from community builder. I have also gone into billing and added a payment method, updated my name and added $10 to an Openai account.

Okay, back in your builders profile you need to verify a domain and then turn on the website option to be able to share your GPT publicly:
Screenshot 2024-01-20 at 3.51.46 PM

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The message that I see when I go to the builders profile says:

“Complete verification to publish GPTs to everyone. Verify your identity by adding billing details or verifying ownership of a public domain name.”

So I must have a public domain in order for it to work? This message makes it seem like I could verify with billing details also.

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I am not sure how they determine if your billing details are sufficient to verify your account, as some people have this option and others don’t. If you have the option to verify using billing details on the website (refer to the image above), there will be another option called ‘name’. If you have the option to enable this, it will allow you to share public GPTs. Otherwise, you will need to acquire a domain.

It seems like the billing details option is not an option for me even though they offered it. I may have to use a domain. Thanks for your help.

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