Want To change authentication system

Hey So I Created my chat gpt account with google account now i want to shift it for email id it is possible?

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Unfortunately that’s not at an option at this point in time.

There is nothing you can do unless you create a new account. @dignity_for_all has written a helpful post below this one.


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Currently, phone number verification is not required to register for a ChatGPT account.

So unless you are creating a new account to generate and use a different API key, you can create a ChatGPT account using a different email address without phone number verification😀


Phone verification is no longer required for new OpenAI account creation or ChatGPT usage.


Phone verification is now mandated on platform.openai.com for generating your initial API key, though not for any subsequent API key generation after that.


It might be a bit confusing that phone number verification is required only when generating your initial API key.

I hope this can be of some help🙂

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you also have to sign in with a different email… such nonsense…

If I delete my account can I create a new account with the same email?

No. You cannot create a new account using the same email address.

I edited my post from earlier this year to avoid unnecessary confusion.

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Many email providers, including Gmail, allow you to create sub-addresses using the + symbol.

Any text after the + symbol in the sub-address is ignored by the email provider and emails go to the same inbox.

Try using what’s known as an email sub address. For example, instead of: jane@example.com, try jane+alt@example.com. Depending on your email provider, emails to this address should still go to the same inbox (everything after the + is typically ignored by your email provider),

On the other hand, an email address with the + symbol is recognized as a different address by OpenAI, effectively allowing you to create an account using the same email address.

but we’ll treat this email as a new account.

Reference link:


Additionally, users who originally signed up with a Gmail address can use Google authentication.

if you originally signed up for OpenAI through Platform / ChatGPT with an email and password, in future logins, you can choose Google/Apple login. This allows users in that situation to log in either way.

Reference link:

I have carefully checked the accuracy of this information, but if it is unclear or if the content of the help site is outdated, I apologize.

I hope this can be of some help🙂

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