Is $2,500 provided by `Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub` still a valid OpenAI offering?

As of 2024, does OpenAI still redeem the $2,500 credit by Microsoft?
Our company passed Microsoft verification about 1.5 month ago and OpenAI said I’ll have to wait a couple of days…

But it has been 1.5 months.

Yes it is! I applied for it a couple months ago.
I had to fill out a form regarding my use case, share account info, etc. But I waited a little over a day.
I received an email confirmation once things were all set and the credit was applied.

I’m wondering if you can try reapplying for this? It shouldn’t take this long.

Also, you might know this already, but the Azure OpenAI service is also an option while you wait. It’s also a part of the benefits

Thanks @hpurohit !

Let me try it again. I submitted that form and got a confirmation email. However, the $2500 credit was never added to my company OpenAI account.

Do I get it right that if your startup was accepted to Microsoft start-ups hub you’re eligible to receive OpenAI credits to your account here?

Where I can get detailed about the conditions? We’ve recently got 5k there and about to get the 15k credit by the hub.

Hi @sergeliatko - you van just redeem it via the benefits section in the hub. No additional conditions apply.


Perfect thanks for the pointer


How can I apply for that please ?. could you put a link ?

you can apply for it on a website called Microsoft for Startups