Insufficient quota, billing limits, and the discrepancy of a $1500 invoice with a supposed limit of $220


I’m currently developing a site and for each product import into the app, 2 api calls are made to OpenAI.
Unfortunately, from what I understand from my investigation, every import is blocked because of an “insuficient quota” error response from OpenAi.

Investigating the project dashboard, a usage limit of $220 is set. This would create this error.

Unfortunately, last month the customer still paid $1500, even though the limit had been reached at 100%. And it’s still blocked for May.

Also, with our usage, it shouldn’t cost that much, especially with a limit. But several OpenAI usage credit invoices are issued.
Sometimes even several times a day.

Usage tier 5 is used on our project.

So I’d like to understand how this is possible, and is it possible to modify or remove this usage limit to unblock my insufficient quota problem?