India Your card has been declined

Previously, I was experiencing issues with the system, but it seems that the problem has been resolved as of March 17th. I was able to successfully use my ICICI International debit card. Here are some possible steps to debug the issue:

There may have been a Javascript error with the tax calculations, which should have shown an 18% IGST of approximately $3 on the screen. If this is not displayed, you can try entering it manually and then entering your pin code first.

Good luck, and please let me know if this solution works for you.

Guys, I was able to get it using the Indian Visa call today. I did not see any GST applied.

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure why other are not able to upgrade, but I used SBI credit card, and that help me. ChatGPT4 is super crazy and super dengerous too.

still having the same issue with sbi card on chrome and firefox

After trying many different cards, finally an ICICI Bank - Amazon Visa credit card worked successfully! So I finally got access to ChatGPT Plus :slight_smile:

still having same problem with sbi debit card in india…is there any alternative?

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Nope, keep trying. Make sure international transaction option is turned on and it’s a VISA or Mastercard