India Your card has been declined

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure why other are not able to upgrade, but I used SBI credit card, and that help me. ChatGPT4 is super crazy and super dengerous too.

still having the same issue with sbi card on chrome and firefox

After trying many different cards, finally an ICICI Bank - Amazon Visa credit card worked successfully! So I finally got access to ChatGPT Plus :slight_smile:

still having same problem with sbi debit card in india…is there any alternative?

Nope, keep trying. Make sure international transaction option is turned on and it’s a VISA or Mastercard

I’ve been trying to purchase the chatgpt plus subscription from past two days and have tried multiple cards (debit, credit, visa, mastercard) but none of them are working and its ending up with “Your card is declined” message. This is very annoying and frustrating. Looks like openAI team is not very keen to fix this and allow indian subscribers to enjoy plus edition of chatgpt.

i also have been trying with cards, even changed browsers, pc, phone, vpn, DNS, everything.
I never received transaction declined from bank. It is from openAI and stripe’s side.

If you care about consumers, do improve your systems and find a solution to this.

Thank You

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Still having same problem with ICICI VISA international enabled credit card

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Cannot subscribe, the error is still there tried 3 different cards 2 different baks

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It’s showing the IGST (18%) US$3.60 but it still declined my card.


Same happened with me today. Tried different browsers. I have one VISA debit card and one Mastercard debit card. Both got declined.


Same problem here, I live in an SEA country that supports Plus subscription. Also tried different browsers, Chrome mobile. Do not use a VPN either. I have tried with my Visa cc many times over the last 2 days but no luck.

EDIT: Will try again later with another credit card and I will see if it works.

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Hi everyone,

Faced the same issue. Was able to solve it through the iPhone app. It will guide you towards a UPI payment. PhonePe has an autopay setting. Smooth payment, no issues.

Try it out.


can you explain how? i have an android phone…faced similiar issue with my visa debit card…i did the payment last month…got declined this month…


Trying for hours with sbi debit card (visa) with International transction turned on but in vain.
Any updated success story?

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Have been trying for days, support actually said they do not have a solution for this now smh.
Something to do with RBI ig

Tried 2 minutes back and came here again to express my experience. Same trouble. No resolution so far.

Has anybody renewed their subscription? Card is being declined though I have used the same card for upgrading to plus subscription.

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Has anybody tried making the payment with American express credit card? Did it work?

This worked about a month and a half ago. But tried it a couple times right now and it didn’t work. What happened??