ImaginationGoes - immersive AI experience in retro game style

Hi there

As a first fiddle, I thought to create a retro game style wrapper around GPT3 and dall-e. Peope can generate their own game/adventure based on their favorite movie or game.

Then you can immerse yourself into the world. Either win in 1 sentence or explore for a very long time!

More to come …


Nice! Looks cool! Good luck!


I love that you added DALL·E. It makes AIDungeon look out of date. :grin:

What do you have planned next?


Thx! I see you in this space already. Nice. Hope it works well!

Your project does the same? Or at least somehow - or just character and plot generation to be used somewhere else?

Well - first I need userfeedback. Or in fact users. A minor detail :joy:

Who are my users etc?

In terms of product development the ideas are endless - more advanced prompt engineering, memory, game modes (now free roaming), subscription to deal with people not wanting to have api keys, premium services, multiplayer

I mean…. U can go crazy - question remains not - Can I build it, but should I build it

Have u trued? Feedback?

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This requires you to insert your own OpenAI API key?

Wanted to give it a try but seems like a bit of a yellow flag. Are most projects requiring the user to bring their own key?

I really like your idea, but I think robj hit the primary pain point: Most people probably aren’t going to want to put their API key into someone else’s app.

I think it’s against OpenAI ToS, but I couldn’t find it in the docs earlier. Might be mentioned somewhere on the forum here?

Here you go…


Well no problems on my end then - because the app is fully client side and all stored in client store (browser). And there is no communications with the client and the hosting server that involves the API key (which sufficiently motivated people could find out that this indeed is not the case).

So no user API keys stored on the server I control.

But that won’t solve the problem of friction or just yellow/red flags for merely asking API keys. So either way not very scalable what I am doing…

For limited friends and family testing (now happening too) - it suffices.

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Thx and fully agree - a client side only app with own keys was the easiest way to realise the app from a developer perspective. Next stop - making it server side with my own keys, a credit system, free credits, invitation only, waiting list, throttling, and hard limits to prevent getting bankrupt myself… :slight_smile:

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Red flags! So thx for the feedback :slight_smile:

Nevertheless - pretty awesome…

Hey, I thought I understood that it would be OK to use my API when prompted if I downloaded the app which it seems to be running “client side”. I am fairly new, but not completely new if I have my own API account and billing. lol So, this is new to me, but… just to be on the safe side, and for anyone else reading this…

Do I hear you all stating that because this runs “client side” that when prompted “after I load and run the app on my machine” that it is perfectly safe and additionally I am allowed to enter my key into the game? :slight_smile:

Well first of all thanks for trying! Love to hear your feedback!

Wether it is smart to fill in your api keys - I would say for my app yes, because I know the code.

If that makes all the apps that ask for apis a smart place to enter it - I dont know…

You can set a budget ceiling and monitor api calls if you want to

Or check network traffic on the developer tools

But for future some other way might be preferrable

lol, You almost sound like a Zen Master, I suspect it’s a feature of all coders regarding knowledge, a binary, it’s either true or it isn’t. I’m an old geezer and hoping for something better than Zork, which ironically in my 20’s kept me captivated for weeks. How things have changed. :slight_smile: I will admit I did look up chrome_proxy.exe to see what that was… and cool! I will trust this, and give it a try in the next day or so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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let loveItOrHateIt:boolean = true

(picture using the next version of the app - if you want to have an image, type /image)