GPT3.5 + Dalle = live storybook/text-adventure

Hey! Wondering if anyone thinks this is interesting.

I am a filmmaker and photographer, no coding experience, so go easy on me…

With GPT4 I was able to make a “live” futuristic storybook or text-adventure using the API for GPT3.5 and DALL-E.

This is a text-adventure through a futuristic universe. What you do and where you go is unknown to me and I think that’s what so interesting about it. I’ve only given it a basic concept to follow in the system prompt.

There are three API requests going on here. 1. for the chatbot. 2. to interpret the chatbot’s response into a prompt for DALL-E, and then 3. for DALL-E. It’s pretty good! The images aren’t great but I’m sure we’ll get there soon. Then video, right?

Let me know what you think or if I should just stop messing around and go back to being a photographer… but this was just so much fun.


Definitely makes sense! I went even further and created video+voice in all major languages, so now my plan is to conquer YouTube and TikTok with Shorts :sunglasses:


Oh my god, hahaha. This is next level. Very cool!

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Waoh. Lovely. Shows my animation dream will come out good then. Nova sounds like one of the Alita’s characters.

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Thank you! Yeah, it is very similar!

Images aren’t great, and stories it generates may contain quite bad errors and lack important connections between events.

It’s a cool demo though.

I’ve tried to role play with gpt4. Although it’s fun, it is quite flat due to GPT’s tendency to allow everything. Gpt can story, but it requires a separate game master.

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yeah images are an issue. GPT4 is a little too literal. I like that you can change the temperature on these things, 1.2-1.4 gets wild. 2.0 totally weird but interesting.

I think if you spent enough time coding these things and with a couple more upgrades on the image generation API side you can have something playable especially with a gamemaster.

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How did you make this? I tried googling it but no luck.

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if you have ChatGPT4 then just ask it to help you build the app from scratch. It will walk you through the process.

I would suggest starting simple and working your way to more complicated things. ChatGPT works better in smaller tasks. If you try to tell it to build this entire app it will get very confusing.

First I would suggest building a basic chatbot using the OpenAI API (again ask chatgpt). Once you successfully build that you’ll have a grasp of how the programming languages work and how to implement code and launch applications.

Then you can get more complicated with multiple APIs like adding the Dalle API.

What’s awesome about this is once you build one chatbot you can build a hundred. Since putting this together I’ve been building custom chatbots for fun. Currently have one for our bachelor party trip in Portugal :slight_smile: Jorge, our AI travel guide, is the AI man.