StoryMate: No-Code Interactive Fiction with GPT & DALL·E 3

StoryMate is the fast and easy way to create Interactive Fiction stories. Pen your own stories or use GPT4 to assist your next creative endeavour.

We are targeting hobbyists, teachers, and tinkerers but equally its usable by anybody who has a story they want to get off their chest.

The generative AI features are designed to assist those, particularly young writers, who might be struggling for ideas.

StoryMate is currently in Beta. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

:point_right: StoryMate - Interactive Fiction

Very cool! looks like twine on steroids :smiley:

I tried the “I’m feeling lucky” feature - maybe consider rewriting /word filtering the prompts before sending them to dalle? :thinking:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m stoked you framed it like Twine on steroids. That’s what I was hoping somebody might think :slight_smile:

Good spotting re image generation. I think for now we’ll just quickly turn the “i’m feeling lucky” off.

What I’d LOVE to be able to do is use image seeds or something for image continuity. But I guess we all just have to wait for that one.

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I hope you bring it back though, because it’s a super killer feature, especially if you get this right:


good luck!


A few of us are begging the DALLE team for this… If you look up the AMA they did a while back, I think they mention it specifically?

ETA: And really cool implementation! I’m a bit familiar with Twine but not too in-depth… Looking good!


Thanks Paul! I’m a fan of your work here so appreciate your feedback!

And if there is a specific place to upvote seeds and add my voice to the beggers lemme know :slight_smile:

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@Diet you discovered a bug in our code, your story generates a lovely image left to ChatGPT… stay turned for a fix :slight_smile:

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