I want to express my gratitude to Openai

Hey everyone :wave:, I’m looking to send a heartfelt thank-you note to OpenAI. :love_letter: Does anyone know the best way to go about this? I’m a college junior and I’m genuinely amazed by how much ChatGPT has revolutionized my learning experience. :books::rocket: Any suggestions would be super appreciated – your help could make a real difference! :star2: Thanks in advance! :blush:


I’m doing my part to give thanks.



That’s seems good!! But i am sorry to say that i never know that before, could you please help me how to open it in google(chrome)?

It was hilarious!
I love the nonchalant vibe! LOL
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Here’s the Bing link: Give with Bing

I just thought it was humorous: among those charities fighting for the legal rights of the under-represented and for civil liberties, bringing wells and education to villages, fighting diseases: OpenAI.

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Same here, but an obvious stumbling block in GPT as an educational model is its lack of temporal continuity. It can provide excellent lessons, but one session at a time. Try using 3.5’s user instructions to overcome this. Have it crank out a lesson plan for you with a list of key issues to cover. Take that lesson plan, place it in user instructions so it carries over from session to session. With each lesson you complete, edit your user instructions accordingly. This method helped me learn a topic on much deeper level (fundamental bioethical principles and their application to public health policy). After each lesson, GPT provided me a 20 question multiple choice test and graded my understanding. I appended this to my user instructions. Once LLMs are able to carry user data over extended time periods, their educational utility will explode.