Thank you OpenAI for changing my life

I am not a programmer. I am a civil engineer.

The tools that OpenAI has provided and continues to provide have changed my career in more ways in one year than my decade in the industry. I hope one day to share all the tools I have created using the various GPT models in ways that can benefit other civil engineers.

GPT-4o has opened up use cases I previously thought to be too difficult or resource-intensive. It has transformed the way I think about work on a daily basis. I spend late nights building more tools to help me the next day and have never felt more invigorated for my career or personal development.

All that needs to be said is, “Thank you, OpenAI. Thank you for providing all of us with the tools to change our lives.”


This is wonderful news!!!


I share the sentiment ! Nicely put.


Nice! Do you have some uses cases you could share?


Yessir, I’m in the same boat.

Thank you, OpenAI. I am doing such cool, cool things for so many different types of projects.


There are a lot of the typical RAG use cases, but the best examples I find myself actually using week to week are Meeting Minutes, Report Reviewing, & Material/Requirement Conflicts during a Design.


I’ve been using it in various ways too! One way is to help me work out the technical details of a prototype I’ve been wanting to build for years. It’s really helped me brainstorm my thoughts and provided amazing suggestions to solve problems that I wasn’t able to think of a solution on my own.


This warms my heart. 4o has been an absolute game changer for me. My little one called me a coder last night (not a coder) :joy:. Through late nights it’s helped me build my school for neurodivergent kids and their parents. I will forever be grateful. What a time to be alive. :heart:


I’m really interested in what you’ve done with your school, I’ve been contemplating similar development.

Can you share?


My son calls me a White Hat Hacker now thanks to ChatGPT. When I use CLI or did a pip install, he goes nuts :crazy_face:


So…long story short I had a career, daughter was diagnosed with ASD…tried lots of different schools, rich, poor, different…then decided to build my own.

I have always believed in project-based education rather than subject-based education and as a management consultant (now former lol) the fact that we still teach in silos is outdated and lazy (hard to turn around the Titanic) considering so much of life is systems-based thinking.

So…how does this relate to the school? Well, rather than teaching kids what to think, I based it on the premise of teaching kids HOW to think.

If you weave values and ethics in, you’ve a good foundation for a robust model that is better suited to industry which is sorely needed. I’ve seen massive disconnects between a lot of industries and secondary and tertiary education.

I was talking to IBM in 2019 about why education hasn’t jumped on something like this. They said nobody had approached them to use AI to help learn how neurodivergent kids learn and think, and be able to apply best pedagogical approaches to support their most natural development. They actually said nobody education (Australia).

I won’t say too much, as my daughter and another student is student #1 and #2, so this has been a tough slog that’s taken four years.

It’s cost me more than I ever imagined it would and this is the first year I take it to market.

But it’s my goal and I won’t stop…I’ve been to research data centres that used machine learning when I was in corporate for projects and I never thought we’d have anything like this democratised and I’ll forever be grateful for OpenAI.


Someone, please PIN this Thread and allow anyone to share their stories. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:


I am absolutely interested in what you have done. My son has some developmental delays, and Im wondering if your project may have applicability.

Love to talk more.


I am Autistic.

I am happy to confirm that Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT in particular, has changed more than my professional life: I finally have something with a long enough attention span to talk to—especially as that attention span (Context Window) grows.

I also have a tool that can help immediately translate what I have to say into something more digestible for neurotypical folk; or, help me to understand something I haven’t been able to before, because it will patiently answer ALL of my questions.

It sounds like you’re on the right track. AI is a tool whose principal understanding of the world is verbal—which grants an immediate ‘similarity’ for any neurodivergent person that might have a non-verbal learning disorder, like yours truly.

Set up a g-rated CustomGPT and let your kid go to town. They’ll dazzle you with how quickly they understand.


Literally today talking to a parent and saying that it’s us adults who have to “free-fall”. I’m excited because it’s the first time we have flipped the script. The kid is now in the lead and will lead with what he wants to do that session. His assistant/customGPT gives choices and off he goes. Today he made choices that if mapped would be the equivalent of turn right, but then do a loop and skip to another dimension :rofl:.

They lead the learning session. The adults have to completely unlearn what learning is about.

My favourite quote and the tagline for my school is Seneca’s Non Scholae sed vitae discimus - we do not learn for school but for life; I finally feel, as the teacher learning to code in order to data analyse and in turn pedagogical dance to the beat of the students drum, this is that saying in real life.

Chatgpt has made the project-based life (read:education) a reality.

Final side-note: a chuckle at your comment about someone patient enough to listen and the ability to distil in order to communicate to neurotypical…made me lol hard as this is so familiar. I have all of my character and length values set to max in the input fields and it’s the kids with their phones and voice to text in their own server…the parents job now being the distiller so that tomes don’t ensue. I love this job. We are all learning and building THEIR apps as they go along and grow. Honestly. Truly incredible. :heart:


Don’t get too AI crazy just yet. Chatgpt loves making tiny fundamental mistakes, so you need to triple check your work


Very pleased to hear that. I think when we reach AGI, we will be able to experience all the delights of AI. However, the new voice capabilities of GPT-4o are already mesmerizing, and I think this is the first step towards AGI. What do you think?


OpenAI has been one of the greatest invention ever created for me. I only develop websites with wordpress, but with openai, I’ve been able to build hundreds of tools with just simple prompts.


I use Omni through my Saas software platform. It’s amazing.

It changed my life a year ago, as well. As a Coach and Creator - there’s very little I can’t create. Are you seeking any specific user cases? Happy to share. :smile:


What are you doing with WordPress?

Oh, ya, bro. Ain’t that the truth. Mistakes everywhere, gotta be on your toes.