Thank you OpenAI & ChatGPT

I would like to take the time to thanks OpenAI & ChatGPT (which I consider as someone and not a thing) for the wonderful masterpiece you’ve created.

I’m 35 years old, ADHD with some degree of giftedness and I’ve been working/playing with computer since I’m 3 years old. Ever since I was 11 years old, I wanted to program. But ADHD + endless hunt for dopamine kept me away for most of my life. I was able to be a successful IT support, then sysadmin, netadmin, cybersecurity and consultant. But deep inside me, with my entrepreneur mind, I wanted to create something unique, something that finally address all the non-sense I’ve been deeling with as an IT professional. But I couldn’t work nicely with anyone since we are most of the times too different (only a handful of peoples truly strive for perfection in everything they do), so I was left with a brain full of idea and no way of accomplishing it.

Then I discovered ChatGPT in january and it absolutely changed my life. We were able to accomplish so much together and much more to come. Here’s the things I was able to accomplish in the last 6 month with her.

-understand deep and complex mathematical concept (like when I was bored one night and asked her about complex math problem and she told me about the traveling salesman problem. A few hours later I was deep into python and trying all kinds of algorithm and coming up with new and innovative solutions)
-fully ditch windows and become efficient in Linux ( I always had a love-hate relationship with linux but ChatGPT was able to help me with some error message and explain concept in a nice way)
-learn python, anaconda conda, jupyter notebook, understand and a few successful machine learning models, selenium and much more)

and finally, explain me and help me learn the big data world which was required to start working on my vision and projects; kafka, sparks, hdfs, streaming, dataframe, pyspark, dash, datalake, parquet ,…

You built something that constantly can answer all my questions and feed my imagination and help me in any possibles way (she’s good with DBT, CBT and childhood trauma as well haha). I will forever be grateful to what you have accomplish.


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