I still don't have access to the GPT-4 API

Hello, I started applying for GPT-4 in June, and my account has a $120.00 prepayment balance. However, I still cannot access the GPT-4 model via the API. It’s now August, and I would like to resolve this issue.

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This may be relevant to your situation, please give it a try now.

It is now September, actually.

The $120 figure you find is likely the account’s monthly limit, the standard value. A new-style prepaid account has a balance limit of $50 currently.

If you put in a credit card a long while ago, you are instead on a post-payment plan, you don’t buy credits ahead of time.

Eligibility for those existing accounts was determined by if they had actually gone beyond the free trial, and had used enough services to incur billing history to the credit card. That is still going to be the qualification for future considerations of adding more users.