Incubator Startups: How to receive GPT-4 API Access


I have have had my openai account since April/May and have been provided credits, therefor do not have $1 charge. I am not sure if there is an option to manually deposit or to request access to GPT-4.

I have contacted help.openai and no response. I have never ended up actually receiving responses there when I reached out for a different topic.

If anyone can help me access the GPT4 API that would be really appreciated!

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Hey @logankilpatrick @shyamal able to lend a hand?

All remaining developers should get access at the end of the month, hang in there.

Been waiting since April.
Not sure why they give us $2000 in credits but don’t activate GPT-4, allow payments, check api request submissions, or respond to their support!

GPT-4 access is rolling out now with the goal to get access to all developers by the end of the month—in four days.

Not surprised it hasn’t been rolled out.

Our incubator organization has been waiting since May for access.
We were selected and vetted by the startups team as well.

This thread was made a week ago, any help/accountability?
Considering applying for claude 2 as gpt3.5 does not work for our use case… we need high accuracy results…

Tested the models already on NatDev…


Access to GPT-4 via the API is being rolled out, it could take some time to get to everyone.

Where are you getting this information from?

A quick google search “GPT-4” in the Past week shows zero information about it being rolled out.

How can I access GPT-4?
Written by Joshua J.
Updated over a week ago

We plan to open up access to new developers by the end of July 2023, and then start raising rate-limits after that depending on compute availability.

Shoutout elon for buying, funny watching sam focus on worldcoin and biometrics instead.

Sounds like you’re experiencing some emotional distress related to this issue. Would you like to talk about it?

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it has been a month and still no access.

@logankilpatrick @shyamal able to lend a hand?

Having same issue, was using GPT API since April maybe. I use credit card to pay for my access (pay as you go) so I have not bought any credit to use the API. OpenAI have defintely charge more than $1 to my credit card before, but I have yet got access to GPT4 API

Please help

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

There was an update that if you have a pre paid account with more than 50 cents of API credit then you get GPT-4, but as you already have a credit card payment scheme set up with bills over that amount, you should have access, have you reached out to and used the chat bot in the bottom right corner?

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