I have the app with GPT4o but no camera button?

How come I can’t do the live video with GPT4o like in the demo? I only have the audio feature. I have the app, it’s updated etc etc and the voice is working.

We recognize that GPT-4o’s audio modalities present a variety of novel risks. Today we are publicly releasing text and image inputs and text outputs. Over the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll be working on the technical infrastructure, usability via post-training, and safety necessary to release the other modalities. For example, at launch, audio outputs will be limited to a selection of preset voices and will abide by our existing safety policies. We will share further details addressing the full range of GPT-4o’s modalities in the forthcoming system card.

Source: https://openai.com/index/hello-gpt-4o/

I hope I am not shooting the messenger here, but, as reasonable as it sounds, I feel this is something that should have been featured prominently as a disclaimer in the demos. A simple line on screen like “live video input is not available at this time to general public…”


I have the same issue, trying to emulate the intro video image or video and voice combi but I do have the image or video button feature while in Voice mode.


agree, Instead of confusing thousands of users, they should include a disclaimer in the demos.


Agree. It seems they got ahead of themselves dangling a tremendous carrot in front of users almost bullying them into subscribing and then to find not all of the features are available as shown in the presentation. There should have been a disclaimer of some sort.


Agreed. I’ve been going crazy thinking it might not be available in my country or something like that.

I was already a subscriber, but if I had subscribed because of the demo I would have felt mislead

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I did that. Paid my money and feel I have been misled. How can so many others seemingly have Youtube clips using the selfie and camera live options that we can’t afyer handing over my money. Dissapointed

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Well, I feel a little relieved now knowing visualization of the user’s environment isn’t possible as demonstrated in the release video. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out.

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Total disappointment! I purchased thie license because of the new feauters they showcased all over the internets. Now I only have somewaht better gpt 3. This is not how you should be doing business. Im leaving the subscribtion if the new features wiil not be available within a month.