When will the live video camera feature be available in ChatGPT?

I recently saw the demos showcasing the impressive live video interactions with ChatGPT, where it can see and respond to live video feeds in real-time. However, despite updating my app and enabling the voice features, I haven’t been able to find the live video camera option.

Could someone from the OpenAI team or anyone in the know provide an update on when this feature will be fully rolled out to the public? I’m especially interested in understanding the timeline for availability to Plus users and whether there will be any regional restrictions at launch.

Thank you!


There is no public timeline other than it is expected to roll out to alpha testers who are ChatGPT Plus subscribers in the coming weeks.


yes I am subscribed … is there anyway to become alpha tester :slightly_smiling_face: .i can’t wait to for it


it’s been a few weeks since they said coming weeks.

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