I have access to plugins but I don't see any developer options

Excited to have access to plugins, but it looks like my account may not have been set up as a developer profile. How can I have our account profile changed from User to Developer?

Development API is completely separate from ChatGPT (Plus).

Details here: https://platform.openai.com/

Thanks novaphil. Looks like when we first submitted a request for plugin access, it was done as a user and not developer. Just submitted a request to change our profile to developer.

Dealing with the same issue. Did you submit the request AS a developer or submitted a request to change profile to developer? if latter, how?

Hi Innosh,
We submitted as a developer in the beginning of May. I did see a thread from an Admin about a week or two ago asking for patience while they try and scale their manual plugin review process. I imagine there’s a massive backlog at the moment but hope we’ll get pushed through sooner rather than later.