Not able to access the api key for Chat GPT4o in playground

I have a subscription of Chat GTP 4o but when l want to find the api key in Playground, l am only given the options for the GPT 3s.

If l access my Open AI account l see there is no subscriptions, but while l am in my Chat GTP account l have a subscription but unable to access the API key.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem?

I can illuminate.

ChatGPT is not API.

API has different billing.

You pay for the language data. You pay for the quality of the model.

Your API account must be funded with a credit to consume these services. After you log in, the “gear” icon, or dashboard, to proceed to billing.

This should be where the quickstart you read when clicking “Documentation” on the forum’s sidebar actually starts: how to pay.


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