Do I have to add money to use the Playground as a ChatGPT Plus subscriber?

I have ChatGPT plus, I applied on the waitlist. I’m in my Account on Open AI in the playground, in chat mode, but I still don’t have access to Chatgpt4 in the playground or API without adding additional funding. Confirming Im using the same google account. Am I missing something, is there something else I need to do? I get the message

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Yeah, chatgpt and the openai platform are two completely separate products. Your standing with either has no effect on the other.

Here’s the list of models you have access to by tier:

gpt-4-1106-preview is pretty similar to chatgpt gpt-4, but as you can see, it’s not part of the free tier :confused:

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Why would you need to?

If you want to develop with the API, access makes sense, but if you are enjoying a ChatGPT Plus subscription, why would you need the Playground?

I’m a product manager looking to grow their skills in developing custom tools with ChatGPT. My understanding is the playground is the best place to do this. But I would greatly appreciate any suggestions! Thanks

Ahh, Ok. So I need to keep my ChatGPT Plus for regular day-to-day. And if I want to experiment with programming I should get a second account with the OpenAI platform?

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You can use your same account with ChatGPT Plus and the platform. If you have a quick question, you can use Otherwise, use the platform to access their API if you are integrating it with other products. The playground uses the API in a chat-like area, you will still be charged the same rates as if you used the API outside the playground; pricing is here: Pricing You also will receive $5 of free credit that you can use for experimenting, that expires 3 months after the accounts creation. To receive access to models like GPT-4 or GPT-4-Vision you need to have a pay-as-you-go subscription setup and make a successful transaction of $1 or more, or you can buy $5 of credits.

Depends on what you want to do:

if you want to develop those custom GPTs, then you don’t need the API playground, your plus account is enough.

If you want to programatically work with GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and the ada embeddings (for example with jupyter/python, or your own webapp), then you will need to use the API platform. The playground is just a convenience to quickly and unscientifically test your prompts and parameters outside of your app.

It’s technically not really a second account though, it’s just separate billing. It’s complicated.

tl;dr: if you want to program with it, through the http api with gpt-4, you may need to add a payment method (you don’t need a separate account I think).