I don't understand the business model of "you.com"!

Hi there,

Can you help me to understand the business model and how to make the “you.com” website profitable? The monthly subscription for this website is $10 (providing the gpt4 version), while Openai’s gpt4 subscription is $20.

They’re following the typical shitty standard of operating at a loss (supported by investors) so other competitors have a hard time competing without their own set of investors.

No doubts that once they have a sustainable amount of users they will switch heading and begin increasing pricing while tightening resources (remind you of anyone? :eyes:)

Also a little sprinkle of gym membership model.


One can only imagine the cost of the domain name too which must have cost $$$!

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Same as any successful startup: operate at loss to either gain customer base, then exit (WhatsApp) or gain customer base, then rise prises.

Also, a) most users likely won’t use all that tokens and b) they are a large buyer and probably enjoy much lower prices compared to small users.

They announced I think yesterday that they are raising their prices and to lock in now by buying annually. It’ll be 20 a month, but it’s still a loss leader. It’s easy to go over 40 queries and that’s just fine there.