Flat Monthly Payments for API

Do you guys ever plan on implementing a flat monthly price to be able to use gpt 4?

0.06 per token is kinda insane.
Not to mention the 3.5 model is pretty horrible as of right now.

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

The $0.06 is per 1000 tokens returned from the AI, the $0.03 is per 1000 tokens sent to the model.

Flat monthly pricing is what is offered by ChatGPT, the API is a commercial offering charged at commercial rates.

I appreciate the clarification, but it is still incredibly expensive if you’re not using chat gpt. (Most people can’t afford to even use it.) Making it more affordable would be great, but y’all are a big company so…

hi ladylucile,

it is $.06 for every THOUSAND tokens. not every token. Every token would be .00006 cents.

And actually what ends up happening as things average out is that your average cost ends up being closer to around .03-.04 cents per thousand tokens - but I don’t know what your use case is so that could be wrong.

Yes GPT-4 can become expensive quickly, just wanted to clarify that.

Also no one here is directly tied to the company (besides a select few) nor can we provide you with information on how the company chooses their pricing models. This is a developer forum.