I pay for ChatGPT Plus, with other AI's being free, what sets GPT apart from others?

QUESTION: With Bard AI and others being free and offering even image creation…im left wondering what sets GPT apart from others with the same, if not more appealing options? what value does $20 provide? plugins? big deal…someone give me a contrasting opinion?

GPT-4 is amazing and you get access to use it. Although if you’re not prompting it in a way to see the benefits over a Bard it might not be for you.

You get early access to new products like browsing w/ bing. Prompting browsing correctly can search the web then do complex tasks related to it which is an amazing feature.

For instance, you can search the recent announcement of OpenAI grants for democratic inputs for AI and write a strategic plan on how to apply for it all in one prompt.

If you’re not into beta testing products, the benefits might not make sense to you, but if you’re building with AI $20/mo is a steal.

I’d say GPT-4 is simply way better than anything else available.

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Well, GPT4 WAS amazing.

Since the 2 last “updates” (…) GPT-4 clearly understands instructions much less effectively, especially the more subtle ones; its memory appears to have been significantly reduced (it loses track of the conversation after about fifteen messages, whereas it took around 30 to start seeing losses compared to the initial prompts). While it is much faster, which is in any case unnecessary as there is a limit of 25 messages every 3 hours, its functionalities have clearly been reduced and this in a completely opaque manner by OpenAI. There is clearly no longer any valid reason to prefer the paid version 4 to the free version 3.5

There are plenty of valid reasons, but it’s important to remember nobody is forcing anybody to pay for ChatGPT Plus.

I get a bit confused about people’s woes with Plus. It’s a great product and it’s awesome to get access to GPT-4, browsing and plugins. I think people could be more flexible with their expectations, or generally just relax and enjoy the ride rather than complain about features/speeds.

Do you know if ChatGPT 4 is the default model for free users now? I looked online and I haven’t found any concrete answers, I was on the subscription service and recently the last update removed the option to select 3.5 or 4. If Plus is the only way to use ChatGPT 4 then I’ll happily resubscribe.

GPT 4 only for Plus users