I don't see "Beta features" in my settings

Hi all

Despite the fact I’m on the waiting list I still don’t see “beat features” in my gpt-plus settings.
Is it normal ?


Got them yesterday !


Me too. I see the announcement that all Plus users can use plugins, but I don’t see it in the settings and I’m chatGPT Plus


Yes, me too. It’s just not even showing up as a tab in Settings.


We’ll get it soon™ :blush: Would help to search the forum for similar topics as well!


I’m also on their waiting list from when they announced plugins but haven’t received an update yet. Also, ChatGPT shows me the 12th May version but no access to the plugin. I don’t even know how many times I had refreshed my browser from Friday.

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I’m a plugin dev and even so can’t access the plugins. This is a mess of a waitlist.


You are right even I was on the wait list but haven’t got access and my friend who was not on the waiting list has got access.

Same here, I’m really disappointed. I’m going to cancel my subscription if I don’t get access within Sunday 21 May.

Yes, I am
In France btw
I don’t know if it matters

SAME. I feel like I have been on the waiting list forever, even as a gpt-plus user for a few months.

Just got them ! I’m
installing 15 now

Months of paying and contributing, still no beta access for me. Pretty bummed…

Yes, totally normal, the plugins feature is still rolling out and will not be available to all users until May 19th at the end of the day PST time. Hang tight!

We did not use the waitlist for this, it was a random rollout, the updated rollout process moves us away from waitlists and to use opt in.

Ola. So its now 3 Jun and I still don’t get the Beta Features tab under settings. I do have Plus

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Same. 6/15. If it’s not really available, then what is full rollout eta??? Spending on this time trying to figure out what I’m missing… but just isn’t an option for me. Please help and provide an update! Anxious.

I’m can enable the beta features in my settings but even when enabled I don’t see the beta dropdown menu - that is at least in Chrome browser. When I switch to Firefox, I can see the beta dropdown when hovering over GPT-4.

I don´t see the beta features in my settings


I would really appreciate some help on how to use the plugin feature. I can’t find the beta option in the settings.

I’m still having this issue. I am a plus member and there is no option for beta features. Has anyone figured this out?

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