I don’t see “Beta features” in my settings

Hello everyone, I cannot see beta features on my settings although I am plus user, thanks in advance.

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Hi OpenAI Team,
i have the same problem.

I am a ChatGPT Plus subscriber and I’ve been trying to enable the beta features, specifically plugins, but I cannot find the option in the settings. I’ve checked both the app and the web version, and ensured that my app is up to date. Could you please assist me with this issue?

Thank you

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I am also a Plus user, but I can’t see the beta features. Have they been merged into GPT-4? However, I can choose them within GPT.

There are not currently any features in beta, thus no beta settings tab.

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In early times, there’s beta switch in settings, just click version may times, will display a switch in the settings.
But I haven’t seen them after GPT4V for months, maybe OpenAI has changed their strategies to roll over with new features instead of beta switch!

I am plus user but I can not see beta features. Can you help me for this?

There are no beta features.