Can't see: "Plugins" button on:

Can’t see: “Plugins” button on:
All guides explain that if you don’t see it there, “you don’t have access yet.” OR you need to join some waiting list.
My question is, besides waiting via waiting list, If I have chatGPT Plus account, why don’t I have access to that: “Plugins” button? When can I expect to receive it?
Is there anything I can do to start adding my own plugins?

thank you!

I have the same problem - when I go to sign up on the waitlist the option is not available and it say Chat GPT plus users all have access to plugins. However when I go to setting only the web browser is available in beta and when I go to my main chat gpt screen the drop downs for plugins are not visible.

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Until today, May 15th, as a Plus user, I have not been able to access plugins. Is there a deadline for when I will be added to the list of users with access?

Have you tried logging out of your account and back in? All devices you have logged in? I was unable to access the beta features panel this morning, I logged my phone and PC out of ChatGPT, and upon logging in again 10 minutes later I had the beta panel to turn on Web Browsing. I still don’t have Plugins shown there, but at least the Web Browsing tool was available, unlike before.

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