Missing plugin access with GPT Plug membership

I have over 3 months GPT plus and I don’t have any access to plugins.
I pay 20$/month like normal plus users who have access to these plugins.

I checked the OpenAI website and it says that all plus members have access to these plugins.

Anybody knows why I don’t have access ?



I don’t have that options. I looked the exact option and I only have web browsing available not the pugins.

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Thank you, we’ll wait for plugins, but why the Beta options menu item is totally missed? Must we enroll to some Beta testing list or etc?


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Presumably, because it didn’t exist until this rollout now. The Plugins access is the upgrade that will be introduced by adding the Beta section to your account. It’s simply part of the upgrade you’re waiting for.

Because they are not great communicators, both in their PR and sales copy - it’s quite misleading. Their “support” doesn’t reply either.


I’ve chat gpt plus and enabled “web browsing”. However, chatgpt still says it can’t access web

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Same problem here… Plus user and no beta features activated. No solutions yet.

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At one point a few days ago I saw the Beta features tab - wow!
But then it vanished - damn.

Hopefully back soon with plugin access.
Waiting ever so impatiently…


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same issue for me, i dont acces to “plugin”
Let’s be patient and wait for it.

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They say Plus subscribers can try beta features before others. My friend signed Plus last week and already have access to beta, I’ve been subscriber since the beginning and still cannot access it… Too bad…

Today i just got the beta features ( web browsing only). Plugin is still missing.
But, the model “gpt-4-browsing” still can not be used, and can not access the web / clicked the link i provided. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I’m still waiting for the plugins.

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I have access to plugins now - but not access to internet…
Waiting “patiently” …
are we there yet?
are we there yet?

Same. I even signed up for the Plug-in waitlist a long time ago and don’t have access to them. The beta section just lists “web browsing”.

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Paying subscriber and contributing for months and I dont even have the beta settings, let alone the web or plugin options. Do I need to sign up somewhere for the beta program or should it just appear in the settings at somepoint?

Hey folks, plugins started rolling out last Friday and will be FULLY rolled out to all plus users this Friday, May 19th, by the end of the day pacific time.

If you don’t have access yet, there is nothing to do expect hang tight and wait. Please double check in your settings that you have the Beta features enabled if they are accessible to you.

And the beta rollout is random so not specific to how long anyone has had an account or the like.

The rollout for browsing and plugins are separate groups, so you might have one but not the other until the rollout is completed.

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