I do not see the personalization tab

Should I contact https://help.openai.com ?
I saw on the announcement video that is also where you input customization prompts. I am not seeing those either.


Same here, was quite excited about it. How does one get this feature?


I did notice that custom instructions is now called “Customize ChatGPT”, so, when it is rolled out, which is still in the future, it may appear in a different location than the overpopulated “settings”.


2/27 and the Personalization option is still not available to all users and no one knows why


4/10 …Cannot see this personalization and test memory


April 15. Still have no Personalization section. Still have no Memory.
It’s disrespectful.


Use the android app. Maybe you have access to the personalization tab there. For some reason it’s hidden on desktop.

Of course, I have checked the Android App.
No, there is no personalization tab as well.

Same here. I am in Australia, and using ChatGPT Team, but to my understanding it should’ve been rolled out to everyone.

Teams apparently doesn’t get the memory feature as of now.

You might just consider curating “custom instructions”, which is only framed slightly differently to the AI.

Memory tool able to serve as custom instructions - disabling memory tool.


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Same here, i am using ChatGPT Plus, and still got no access to Memory option and even no personalization tab.

Same for me here too. 15th May and still waiting. I was looking forward for this future so much


Did anyone reach out to you? I have the same exact issue. It’s really annoying

IS there anyone to talk to about this? Anyone have solutions?

I do not have access to personalization and memory, still. I would really like to get it.

I had the same problem myself. Seems that it has yet to be rolled out to Europe or Korea. If you use a VPN, you’ll see the Personalisation option once you choose US or other supported country. Hope this helps.

I appreciate that but…I am in America. :slight_smile: