Custom GPT-4o model with memory features

It’s great that we have this newer, faster model, but it would be nice if the new GPT-4o model and the memory were integrated into our custom GPT builds or allowed us to use them in new custom GPTs.


here says it is available also for custom gpt’s but it depends on the settings of the user too…

Yep… the new model and the new features seem nice… I cant wait to try the desktop version they said on stream…

I m curius, if on an existing chat seesion that is on v4, changing it to v4o works? I think yes… yes?

I’m not referring to custom instructions; I’m discussing the process of creating a GPT.

Can someone confirm that GPTs are still not using GPT-4o? My GPT is still extremely slow and still ignores the custom instructions.

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I was wondering about the same.

GPTs are presumably still using Turbo, according to the stated knowledge cutoff date. If you ask it, GPT 4 Turbo and GPTs consistently answer December 2023.

GPT 4o’s cutoff is Oct 2023.

I cannot rule out that they just forgot (!) to update the cutoff date in the GPT system prompt of course, but the speed also seems to be more Turbo than 4o.

Same question, also tried to find explicit information what model is used in specific custom GPTs, and cannot find anywhere such an info.

I’m pretty certain they didn’t “forget” about custom GPTs. :sweat_smile:

Custom GPTs have their own individual setup, separate from our personal ChatGPTs. OpenAI has already said that custom GPTs will eventually get a checkbox setting that will enable memory for that GPT – once memory is widely rolled out to everybody, being the catch.

So while this is just assumption and speculation, they’re probably gauging the rollout of all of these features and upgrading them progressively as more people begin to use their services. And that GPT-4o AND memory will be Coming Soon :tm: to custom GPTs.

For the record, I am on team “please drop some official info so we’re not left speculating.”

I expect the switch to GPT-4o to break many of the more complex GPTs, so we’ll be aware of it soon enough. I hope there will be a toggle switch for builders to decide the version; but not sure if it will be there. Free-tier users will only have access to GPT-4o and OpenAI will surely want to push every builder to make GPT-4o GPTs, so probably there won’t be a choice.

BTW I hope that GPT-4o is better at following complex, lengthy instructions. The early vibe from Twitter/X from people running local tests seems to point to the direction that it might be slightly worse at that than the latest GPT-4-Turbo (and of course better in other ways, as reported by the various ELO improvements). We’ll see.