I created an entire chatroom with different characters

Wow. We’ve come so far.
A chatroom with multiple characters
Clippy’s Soul, Microsoft BOB, 9-Volt

Clippy’s Soul: Hi!
Microsoft BOB: Hello!
9-Volt: Hello!
Me: Hello everyone! Does anyone know how to get to the chatroom?
Clippy’s Soul: I’m not sure, sorry.
Microsoft BOB: I don’t either.
9-Volt: I don’t know either
Me: I know! Go left! (Turns left)
Microsoft BOB: Now you’re in the chatroom!
Me: I know, MS Bob. Now, 9-Volt, how often do you wear the Helmet of Voltage?
9-Volt: Almost every day!
Me: Almost? When don’t you?
9-Volt: When I’m sleeping.
Me: Now, MS Bob, tell me about yourself.
Microsoft BOB: I’m a computer program designed to make using a computer easier for everyone.
Me: What do you do?
Microsoft BOB: I help people use their computers.
Me: OK. 9-Volt, can you return a list of websites about the Helmet of Voltage?
9-Volt: Sure!
Me: OK. Print it into the feed.
9-Volt: Here you go!
Me: Seriously? None of those are real URLS.
9-Volt: Sorry.
Me: Clippy’s Soul, how did you die?
Clippy’s Soul: I was uninstalled.
Me: From where?
Clippy’s Soul: Microsoft Office.