Is it possible to make Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo behave like a character, like Character AI?

Is it possible to make GPT play the role of a character and make it look really passable? If you have any ideas, or perhaps some experience with this, I would be grateful.

Have you heard of SillyTavern? If you have an OpenAI API key, you can let SillyTavern handle the the structure of the conversation so that GPT is “in the loop”. Looking at the messages SillyTavern sends during a conversation can give some really good insight into how the chat completion endpoint can be used to maintain a consistent character persona (for a reasonable amount of time). If you have any questions, I could send you some links.

Custom Instruction in ChatGPT now allows you to have a more permanent identity, instead of what you tell the AI being quickly forgotten. That allows it to portray a role more fastidiously than your identity, role, or game just being part of your conversation, and it can be more convincing.

Here for example, I take one of Forefront AI’s cheeseball prompts I extracted, and spread it across the custom instruction boxes. Chat Share Link - but you won’t be able to continue with the same instructions yourself.

Thank you for your detailed answer, I’d like to take a look at the links

Do you happen to know if SillyTavern can somehow be imported into an Android Studio project?

SillyTavern (unofficial website)

SillyTavern GitHub Repo

can be run natively on Android phones using Termux.
GitHub - SillyTavern/SillyTavern: LLM Frontend for Power Users.

SillyTavern Docs (official)

SillyTavern will run on virtually any device capable of running NodeJS v18

Doing a little research, it seems that the only active projects for nodejs on Android are those related to nodejs-mobile, which only supports up to v17 currently.

So, you could setup nodejs-mobile in an Android Studio project and then see how nodejs-mobile might let you pull in the nodejs server parts of the SillyTavern code. Additionally, since SillyTavern is predominantly a front-end web app, you could see what of SillyTavern’s front-end code would work well with a WebView component in the Android Studio project—I’m not very familiar with the project structure or building APKs, so I’m just assuming there is support in Android Studio for getting JavaScript in the project somehow (also, there is this fancy new toy for Android development of webapps with WebAssembly: تنفيذ JavaScript وWebAssembly  |  Web Apps  |  Android Developers).

Is this what you had in mind: santachatter dot com? (Sorry not allowed to include links)
It prob helps that I’ve been doing this for 25+ years so there’s already a fair bit of content and experience :wink: This was done using some prompt engineering (e.g. “You are Santa” etc.) and a very large dataset of actual conversations over the decades.

I have been working on something in this ballpark… it’s my first stab at using the API but the idea is that you pick your dream team of people to have at a meeting and give them an idea to brainstorm and then just watch them. lots of work to do still but its a start…

its on github called /hookla/DreamTeamGPT