Official chat gpt figurine wanted with mic and speaker

Someone please develop this so that I can buy a physical chatGPT bot for my 80 year old mother for Christmas!


Sorry if i got the wrong forum. The topic relates to using a gpt API, are you sure tjis is wrong?

I just want to integrate chat gpt with a language recognition API, email output service (for outputting text documents), microphone for taking spoken instructions through to the language recognition API, speaker to output spoken text, maybe a few different voice emulations and a bluetooth wifi transmitter - and stick it in a collectable plastic shell

Maybe give it linux OS. Make each one unique in some way.

Maybe I could throw in a “hey google” mode that roots to a google thing instead

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There is a lot to be said for accessibility issues around technology. For example, young children or low mental age patients need to gain access to ChatGPT, and you really need a strong roleplay option and perhaps dress up the “toy” in a cuddly teddy or something.

Old people are going to appreciate being able to join in and play with their grandchildren using a physical toy at their end remotely. Chat GPT has very powerful roleplay potential and it could work for young children and the elderly, who are not comfortable with phones, keyboards and other input devices.


I like the idea more and more.
Be mindful though that the terms of service explicitly state that children under the age of thirteen must not access the app or the API.


Thanks, I didn’t remember reading that in the terms of service. For all age accessibility, a child friendly version would be very desirable.


Keeping in mind that this is emerging tech, I would pay a good amount of money for a physical smarthome-esque device that simply required an API key to function.

I’m certain there are a number of start-ups working on this now, but hurry up already!

Maybe I should just go get a bunch of raspberry pi’s and try to figure it out myself.

Has anyone on here made something similar?

I’m pretty sure I could take my empty phone case, sew it into a cuddly toy and place the phone in its case.

It is going to happen though. Robots are coming.


I know in Japan academics and companies put a lot of research into this area and there have been actual products for years.

A Google search with Japanese robot to chat with for older adults listed this

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Nice. I doubt they can counter ChatGPT for actual power though.

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It might be possible to create a GPT prompt that is suitable to safely communicate with mentally impaired adults, producing extra safe content and using simplified language.

Edit: I honestly think the main concern would be choking hazards, rather than chat content.

I think the idea here is super heartwarming, and although the safety and ethical aspects may need some oversight and careful attention, the idea itself has lots of potential.

I’ve done some preliminary work on “sticking GPT into various stuff”, and it’s not overly difficult as long as the hardware has an internet connection, a microphone & a speaker.

I’d warn you though, the hardware required to make a social robot is far more expensive than you’d reasonably assume.

Here’s my favorite social robot:

It’s called paro, and it costs around 7.500 USD :sweat_smile:

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Any idea which components significantly contribute to the price?


It’s mostly all the individual components that add up. Especially the sensors and actuator’s are a bit more expensive, due to higher requirements to the specification.

Here’s an x-ray of paro’s internals:

Let’s say we wanted to build a robot doggo instead, that would require 12 actuator’s that are currently priced as ~500$ each, so that’s the first 6k spent. :sweat_smile:


Firstly, WOW!

That’s impressive. It has a lot more than my figurine that uses text to text awareness put through a microphone and speakers. But can I see something missing for $7500? Does it have any internet connection?

Here’s a Japanese talking bot with ChatGPT.

Basic price is 54,780JPY or 374.36 USD