Mad tinker is connecting GPT to IRC as an experiment

So its not intended to be anything profitable, or anything like that - But im curious what would happen if GPT was an intermediary social interface.

Part of the concept i have so far is constructing a fractal core prompt for logically constructing inference necessary to facilitate token level linguistic encryption - the point of which is to enforce anonymity of participants, in so far as the interface is concerned.

Actually visiting the channel would be cheating, and disrupt the experiment.
What i intend to explore in this experiment is AI’s interpretation and relay of intercommunication.

Yes it might sound like 1984, but if I came up with the idea - someone else must have, cause im not that clever.

Anyways… could be interesting.

Hey SC

This is actually an interesting idea.

In another community I saw a guy contemplating on something similar, but in the sense of: removing unneeded emotions from the message and only leaving the essence.

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That is also a fascinating concept - from the perspective of behavioral science, that is something i too would like to see in action.

This may in fact include that.

Right now what im ‘floating’ in my head is a concept understood as “filters” but applied to mannerisms and character.

It would be equally deceptive, but in this case its not for monitary gain, thus why im deciding on a couple mechanisms to absolutely enforce anonymity, as gpts automatic moderation system would take care of anything… dare i say… “wierd”

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So do you see it as a GPT?

I would see it more as interceptor between typing and sending.

Still contemplating the nuance.
Im not sure yet exactly how to do it- kinda like the conceptual version of almost remembering a song, but being unable to remember enough notes or lyrics to find it.

Writing and Engineering is weirdly similar in that regard.
But off the bat my uncertain answer would be "something akin to a messenger in the anthropomorphized sense. "

I would see the value if it was integrated (ideally on an OS level - say an iOS keyboard) that does the conversion right after the typing). If it doesn’t, then a person needs to use additonal app, we have it already - chatgpt :slight_smile: